Purity Vanity was created to help women of all ages to see themselves the way God sees them first. To do this Shakiya believes we must maintain pure thoughts so our outer beauty will match our heart . We as women are flooded with what "beauty" is according to this world, but true beauty comes from the Father. Each of us were created with care and intent. Purity Vanity will help those who are struggling with bullying, loss of identity, low self-esteem and knowing their true worth. With topics based upon biblical teachings, the word will be our way of seeing the TRUTH within ourselves; to exude that GOD confidence from the inside out. God created you to be beautiful and to have such value so walk in it sis! Purity Vanity will also serve as your one stop shop for all things faith, beauty & lifestyle related! 

Meet the Blogger:

Shakiya is a Charleston based blogger & author who loves all things beauty! Among the titles just mentioned she is a disciple, sister, friend, and encourager. She is confident that when we exude God confidence, our true beauty will show through everything we do.  Conquering and spreading the truth of how much love Our Father has for each one of us is her main goals. By sharing biblical truths and her testimony she hopes God's daughters will realize their true beauty in Christ. With the impact of the media so influential, she knows that it is her purpose to display a beauty that is a light to all things. 


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