yes, Christian Hip-Hop can be LIT too. [My current FAVS]

Being a young Christian, you still want to listen to music that can get you hype! I'm sure you've probably thought that you wouldn't be able to enjoy music with those beats you love, or have artist that are actually good lyrically as a Christian. But that is so not true! Compared to the past, there is a new generation of artists who glorifying God & can get you lit like the artist you used to listen to!

Music is big part of my life and I love all genres! Before being introduced to some of these dope artists in 2014, I didn't know there was such a thing as christian hip hop or good christian hip hop for that matter. lol When I thought of Christian music I just thought it was just gospel music that you hear during praise and worship at church. I thought the closest thing I could get to something else that was somewhat hype was Kirk Franklin or Ty Tribbett lol Don't get me wrong, I still love me some Kirk, Fred Hammond, Bethel Music, and others, but in the mornings I need something else to get me through! lol So when I heard these artist who have taken the Christian hip hop scene by storm, my mind was blown.

We always have to be on guard for what we let into our ears because they can trigger a lot of things. To be transparent,I know from experience I've had to let go of certain music because it will bring me back to a time where I wasn't truly living for Christ. Music is so powerful because one song can bring you back to a moment in your past just like that!

In this list I will be listing some new music that I currently have on repeat By no means is this all that I have or like to listen to, just a little highlight!

Streetlight Bible

Even though this is't a music album it is the most important addition to this list! It is perfect for on the go when you want to listen to the bible, but want something different other than your YouVersion bible app. Scriptures are actually being read over hip hop beats by a variety of artists!

New Releases/ New additions to my playlist!

Today We Rebel-KB **Just fully released 10/20 🔥🔥!!

KB is one of those artists that I can always rely on to get me hype!

Fav songs:


Rebel Rebel 88

Monster- KB ft. Aha Gazelle

Primetime (ft Ty Brasel)

Get through (ft. Lecrae)

Art of Drifting


All things work together-Lecrae

Can I just let y'all know that Lecrae went off on this album?! His transparency is felt all throughout this album! Yea it is 🔥!!

Fav songs:

Lucked Up (ft Nija)

Always Knew

Wish you the Best (ft. Verse Simmons)

Can't stop me now



I'll find you (ft. Tori Kelly )

Worth it (ft. Kierra Sheard & Jawan Harris)

Young T- Ty Brasel

Ty is probably the youngest among this group of artists, but it doesn't hinder him in being such a big contender. I was first introduced to him on his 1994 until album, and have been hooked since! His Young T album is so dope and his craft definitely went to another level!

Fav Songs:

4 Ppl Still Listening

Hit My Line (ft. Ki'shon Furlow)

Play this Song (Vibes) {ft Mo Jckson]


I recently was introduced to nobigdyl and I am not disappointed! This album isnt as new as the others, but it is definitely one worth listening to!

Fav songs:

Suicide Nets

Tree tops

Shade tree


Other amazing artists to check out!

Swoope- New song -> All the time. 🔥!

Aha Gazelle

Jor'Dan Armstrong

Derek Minor

Joey Jewish

Trip Lee

Christon Gray

Taelor Gray

Andy Mineo

Social Club Misfits

I love how these artists are using their talents for the glory of God. Even when they are faced to be apart of a larger platform in the secular world, they see the value in building the kingdom. Just like you and me, they have amazing talents which they are using to expand the kingdom and that right there is KINGDOM !!

Hopefully this has expanded your list of music that you can add to your Christian playlist! What are some songs or artists that you like to listen too?!

As always stay beautiful inside and out !


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