Why rushing God is an EPIC FAIL. #quickread

When we have our mind set on a certain thing it's easy to try and rush God into doing something. To try and manipulate His plans to fit our selfish desires. It may not seem this way while you are praying, hoping and wishing for things to speed up in your life, but in actuality it is. Am I saying that God doesn't answer prayers or change things for us? No. I am simply saying when we try to rush God for our selfish desires, that is where we are all wrong.

Let's be honest our flesh can go crazy when we have to wait! Especially if He's calling you to be patient for the things you desire. During those moments, we must remember that great things don't happen overnight. Its often in the moments of waiting we learn the biggest lessons. The lessons I'm pretty sure God intended for us to learn for our good. Rushing God really is more of a hindrance to us than it is a benefit. Because can you really tell the author of time, how to operate? Ummm no. Who are we to say we know when things should happen? (James 4:13-15) It takes time to build quality. This can apply to just about every aspect of life whether that be something simple as the making of clothes or a serious topic like relationships. Be someone who builds quality by being patient not impatient. It's a process, but we are capable of doing it with His help.

Can we just really take a minute and thank God for those things that we "thought" we were ready for but He made us wait a little longer? I think we all can relate to this in some sort of way. I can recount numerous of times where God withheld things from me, because I wasn't ready for them. At the time I didn't like it of course, but as I time went by I seen why He did it. It's like a light bulb went off and I soon became relieved. Relieved in a sense of, if I would've had things my way I would've messed it all up! So lets thank God for not budging even when we try to rush him.

This is such a needed reminder when I want to rush God. If you are like me, you know how waiting on God's timing can sometimes ...be a struggle. Thinking back on those moments really get me back in check when I feel myself trying to rush God. He is the one that is faithful and cares about me more than I could imagine. He knows whats best for me in the now and in the future.

Rushing God is a waste of our time, because we don't have the authority or right to try and rush the author of time.

How to recover from this EPIC FAIL


Realize that you rushing God is not what He desires and that you need to humble yourself under His mighty hand. (1 Peter 5:6)


Once you realize, the next step is to ask the Lord for forgiveness. Ask Him to help you in this area, especially if you see how it hinders what He wants to do in your life. Be real and let the Lord know your struggles in this area and how you need Him to help you through it.


Refocus on what is going on in your life right now . Remember that God is not a god that withholds things from His children. Where He has you is for His purpose. We want to be in the will of God and not outside of it. When we are out of it, that is when we are unsafe.

Remember you are at a good place right now. God is well aware of everything and that in itself is comforting.

As always stay beautiful inside & out!


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