Lipstick 101: 4 Steps to the Perfect Pout!

Step 1:

Always start with lips that are well exfoliated and moisturized.

For the perfect lip scrub check out my DIY scrub here !

Step 2:

Line your lips with the proper lip pencil.

For pinks and nudes opt for brown or liners close to your skin complexion.

For reds opt for red liners.

For your plum and purples opt for purple liners.

If you are unsure try to get a liner that is similar or intended for that lip shade.

*A liner can break or make your lipstick. If it is matched correctly it can ensure that your blends seamlessly with your complexion and is long-lasting.

Step 3:

Apply your lipstick.

You may have to outline your lips again with liner to really enhance your pout. This is also the way you can get that ombre effect on your lips! Like this!

During this step you can apply your favorite lipgloss for shine or opt to go for a matte look!

Step 4:

Ladies please make sure this step is done lol . Stick your thumb in your mouth and gently pull out to ensure that no lipstick will be on your teeth!

Be adventurous with lipstick! Have fun if you are unsure of a color looking right on you check YouTube and see it on someone close to your complexion. Any skin complexion can rock every shade of lipstick. It's all about understanding the shades and how to apply correctly.

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