#STOPbullying | How being bullied changed me

Today we hear so many stories of bullying and how it is effecting our youth. When I hear stories of bullying it brings me back to the dark days when I was bullied as a child. Honestly I didn’t want to make or share this video, but the Lord kept pressing it on my heart to do so. I actually recorded it 2 months ago and so many other obstacles prevented me from putting out, so I know there is power and breakthrough within it. This is totally outside of the type of videos I post but I believe it is needed. What inspired me to do this video is I was tired of seeing story after story involving bullying and these stories resulting in death. Each time I heard these stories my heart broke for those involved and their families. But instead of just sitting back I knew I had to share hope by telling my story. So here it is. Please share.

As always stay beautiful inside and out


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