So if you clicked on this you probably are thinking about doing a solo trip or just wanna see what all the hype is about. This day in age doing solo trips isn't as taboo, but it still is taboo if that makes any sense. lol

So one of my goals for this year on my vision board was to do my first solo trip! And I am sooo proud of myself because I actually did it. Its like we all make those goals in the beginning of the year and they are amazing! But too often they tend to fall off during the year.

After watching YouTube videos of people doing their solo trips, I just knew it was something that I wanted to do! If you were wondering if I vlogged my experience the answer is YESS! Watch it now HERE on my Youtube channel Purity Vanity!!

Of course when I told close ones that I wanted to travel somewhere by myself their first questions was "Why?" "Are you sure?" Be prepared for that btw. To their defense I know they were only doing it because they loved me and maybe they never thought about traveling somewhere by themselves. It's a different thing to do, remember that.

But this year I wanted to learn more about myself and just become more self aware and traveling solo definitely ignited more of that..

I'll be honest, Miami wasn't the top of my initial list of places to go for my first solo trip. It was Paris, France but another trip came up so I had to scale it down just a tad lol. Don't worry Paris is still on the list and I will conquer it! Anywhoo I picked Miami primarily for its rich culture and the delicious food! #foodiesunite and I must say it definitely provided that for me. I have been to Miami before, but those times I wasn't able to really explore the city. This time I knew I wanted my experience to be different. Don't forget to come along with me on this SOLO TRIP journey as I experience the ups and downs of SOLO TRAVEL HERE. It was probably one of my favs to record & trust me it is not one you want to miss!

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Gabriel Miami Hotel

WHAT I DID: *all names are clickable ;)*

Perez Art Museum review

Fun Tours in Miami

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As always stay beautiful inside & out


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