the SECRET to having the LIFE you desire

"Life and death is found in the power of the tongue"

Proverbs 18:21

I'm sure you have heard this scripture referenced quite a few times in your life. Unfortunately, it has become one of those scriptures that are "cliche" in the Christian community. Even though it has been on the list of most quoted scriptures, please don't miss it for what it is, which is the word of Almighty God.

"When we choose to look to Him, things in our life change. You begin to speak towards your destiny not against it."

If you want to see difference in your life , change starts in your mouth. What are you speaking into the atmosphere about your situation? Are you constantly being pessimistic or are you believing the best? I know for me this has been a constant mind battle that I constantly have to conquer with God's help. Too often when hard or tough situations arise it can be hard to think let alone speak positive things. But that is when you have to speak against the negativity. If you believe you aren't worthy of the love of God, counteract that lie by stating that you are a child of God and nothing can change His love for you. (Romans 8:37-39) There are so many scriptures you can speak to defy the lies that you may think, speak or those that have been spoken over you by others. Gratefully God graces us to be able to do so.

Self fulfilling prophecy

Oddly enough even in the secular world of psychology, we see how our words effect our lives. A self-fulfilling prophecy is when a person unknowingly causes a prediction to come true, due to the simple fact that he or she expects it to come true. In other words, an expectation about a subject, such as a person or event, can affect our behavior towards that subject, which causes the expectation to be realized. Isn't that interesting? But way before this was written in a psychology book, the word of God already professed it.

"Build, don't tear down"

Watch what you say not only about your life, but in the life of others. There is so much your words can do. They have the power to build and the power to tear down. Gentle words are like a tree of life, but wrongful words can ruin people (Proverbs 15:4) As daughters and sons of the Most High we are representing our Father. Our Father doesn't bash others when they do wrong, so we shouldn't either. Instead speak into their life and pull of the gold about them (the good things God placed in them) He doesn't speak bad on us when he rightfully could, because that would go against his nature. He is a good father and He wants to see us as his children grow and succeed. He doesn't partake in any of the negative foolishness the world tries to attach to us in the business of bashing us for our wrongdoings. not add to the ridicule the world tries to place on us.

"When we speak with faith and positive we give God something to work with in our lives"

“Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips!” (Psalm 141:3).

I know it can be challenging especially if you've conditioned your mind to think the worst first , but there is so much power in your words.

Join me as I pray and put into action this scripture.

As always stay beautiful inside & out! xox


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