Top 5 Nail Mistakes & How to FIX them!💅 I the only one who works so hard to paint their nails perfectly or even get them professionally done to have them mess them up in 5 mins 😒 . Well here are the top 5 mistakes and easy solutions to prevent or fix them!

Doing the most before your polish is dry!

Did you know it takes 24hrs for nail polish to be fully settled?! 😱 Yea I know right?!

I get it you get impatient and have things to do, but be mindful before you do any of the following:

Doing our nails before bed

  • I know I have done this more than once. I forget that I have an event to go to and I decide to paint my nails before bed to save time in the morning. Big MISTAKE!

Getting in the shower right after painting your nails

  • The heat from your shower is going to prolong your nails from drying even more. If you must wash your hands do so in cool water instead.

Going in your purse too soon!

  • It never fails you get your nails done and you forget that your phone, keys or money is in your purse. Try your best to take out your needed items before your nails are painted. This will save you the frustration of brushing your nails against something in your purse. Trust me your nail tech will definitely thank you for it!!

Solution: If you do encounter a smudge :First, dip your finger or a q-tip into an acetone-based nail polish remover and smooth it lightly over the smudged area of your nail to create an even surface.Then, either find the same polish color you used or a similar hue and paint back over the smudged area. You want this layer to be thick enough that you can’t see through it, but not so thick that it stands out from your other nails.

Applying thick coats

When you use thick coats of polish look forward smudges and nicks in your paint job. Since it takes so much longer for the paint to dry. "It's always better to apply three or four thin coats of polish than two thick and gloppy coats," confirms Miss Pop. "Using thin coats is how the paint dries faster. Polish is just not formulated to dry well when the coat is too thick

Solution: Apply 2 coats onto your nails. If you are using a color that is very light, consider using white then applying your color over top of it. This will make sure the color pops.

Shaking your nail polish bottle

Shaking you nail polish before applying, you are prone you to bubbles in your polish.

Solution: Instead of shaking the bottle, roll it in your hands like you would play dough.

Using old nail polish

We all have that one nail color that we love that we use to it cant be used no more. Old nail polish is usually thick and clumpy. & we all know it will require you to use more coats and strokes of the brush resulting in uneven polish.

Solution: If you MUST use old nail polish, pour a little bit of acetone/nail polish remover in the bottle first to thin it out.

Not using a top coat

A top coat is what seals in your color and aides in the prevention of chipping. It also gives your nail that nice shine.

Solution: Make sure that you have a top coat polish handy when you are doing your nails at home. By having it near you wont forget to apply it!

What are your tips for keeping your nails on point?! I hope you found this post helpful!

As always stay beautiful inside & out!


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