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Makeup can be kinda tricky especially if you aren't one who wears it everyday. But it is meant to be something fun not intimidating! To ensure you are you are using makeup to it's full potential It is important to know of makeup products and their differences. What may work for me may not work for you and that is fine! That is why it's important to know the different products out there to find our perfect match based on your skin type, because that definitely plays a part in making sure you have a flawless finish. Foundation is exactly what its name is, a foundation. It is the base for your makeup. It creates a blank canvas before you apply other products such as concealer. It is easily accessible and there are so many different types based on skin type to chose one. It can range from full coverage to light coverage, it all depends on your preference.So how do you chose the best one for you? Well I give you a break down on the 3 different categories of foundation: Liquid, Powders, and Creams. I have used all and they each have their pros and cons.

Let me know what type of foundation you use or would like to try!


Liquid foundation is probably the most common foundation. It works for any and every skin type. The finishes can range from light to full coverage and dewy to matte. Good for: All skin types

1. Liquid Foundation: Can be full coverage (covers all blemishes) to light coverage (evens out skin tone).Can range from dewy (think glowy) to matte (shine free)

2. BB Cream (Beauty Balm): Similar to tinted moisturizer(3). Intended to correct skin imperfections so foundation wont be used as often.

**Perfect for ladies who want that fresh natural look without a lot of makeup!

3. Tinted Moisturizer: Similar to BB Cream. Sheer, dewy coverage. Evens out Evens out skin tone, but won't cover up major blemishes.

Tip→Perfect for summertime wear!


These foundations are creamy and give a velvety finish. They are thick and rich in consistency. When using these types of foundations expect full coverage. Good for: All skin types

1. Mousse Foundation: Provides satin finish. Great for full coverage wear.

2. Stick Foundation: Highly pigmented that is perfect for covering blemishes. This foundation probably has the highest coverage out of the entire foundation family because of its thick consistency.

Tip →When wearing please put in the extra time to ensure proper blending is done. I suggest that a damp beauty blender is used for flawless blending. (Stay tuned for a beauty segment on tools used for foundation application, including beauty blenders )


Powder Foundations can be used by themselves or to set liquid foundations. They are good for mattifying oily areas that cause shine on your face. Good for: Oil/Combination skin.

1. Loose Mineral Powder: Great for my ladies with sensitive skin. Superfine gentle coverage that creates a natural finish.

2. Pressed Powder: Most commonly used to set your liquid foundation. When used alone ensure that the brush used blends and covers. When used alone ensure that your face is moisturized because it will intensify dry areas on your face.

Tip →When I don't feel like wearing liquid foundation, I opt for just pressed powder and I spray setting spray for all day wear.

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