So this year one of my goals was to do a solo trip & I did it ! Not only was it an amazing experience it showed me how it feels to accomplish a goal. To read more about my experience click here. I also vlogged my entire time in Miami so to watch it in full effect click here!

If you are thinking about doing your first SOLO TRIP, check out these tips that helped me to do it SUCCESSFULLY!

First things first!

Do your Research!

And when I say do your research I mean on everything. From the actual place you will be visiting down to it's culture. This is the most crucial step in my opinion, because it will basically set the tone of your entire trip. In preparing for my solo trip, I made sure to do my due diligence in researching. Because being by yourself you only have you to rely on

excursions places stays restaurants

Plan plan plan

Yes and this will come from you doing your Research. When I was preparing for my solo trip I made sure that I made an itinerary. This will not only make you feel more confident it will allow you to see and do everything you want to do. Being on a solo trip everything is up to you! You can do whatever excursions you want to do or sleep in all day! The choice is yours.


In the preparation of researching and planning I knew I would have to save. Last year I made an appoint to have a separate account specifically for travel. I actually use the wonderful app called Digit. I definitely recommend it because it allows you to save without really noticing it. You are also able to have different savings account on Digit. Check it out here!

Be safe cover story posting social media

Solo trips are great, but your safety is number one priority. Please make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and properly do your research on the area you will be staying and exploring. Another tip is to make sure that your family or friends know your location while you are on your solo trip. I made sure I updated my love ones of everything I did, including screenshot my uBer drivers information. Like I said it is better to be safe than sorry!

Also while on my trip I made sure that I had a cover story. And yes I had to use it a few times during my trip. Is everyone bad who asks you if you are alone? No. But you can not be safe! In my vlog you will hear me talk a lot about this. Also posting on social media as fun as it is to share your experience, I would suggest not sharing in real time. That way people wont be able to track your whereabouts.

Ask for recommendations

Maybe you do your research and want to get a locals experience instead of the typical touristy ones. I definitely utilized people that I knew for recommendations and I must say it really was a hit. When you are on a solo trip, your time may be limited so you want to maximize it. You do not have time to be going to places that are blah, no ask around for suggestions from people you trust.

Try something new

Why not try something new? You will never know until you try. During my solo trip I wanted to do something new to stretch me even more. Of course I was nervous, but let me tell you it was probably the highlight of my trip. To be honest I almost decided not to go. But as I think about it, that would have really just set me back honestly. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here to be the first to see my Miami Solo Trip vlog! And to see more of what I got into during my trip!

Air bnb experiences

Did you know that AirBnB has something called experiences? Well they do! Basically what experiences are one-of-a-kind activities designed and hosted by locals. Unlike a typical tour or workshop, experiences go beyond the activities themselves. They offer a deep-dive into the local host's world through their passion. I decided to do 2 experiences and they both were wonderful! And they are reasonably priced as well!

Go out of your comfort zone

While on your solo trip, I will be honest. You will have moments where you are hit with the reality that you are actually on your own lol .But that is ok! Yes you will be eating by yourself and others may look at you, but you have the opportunity to grow in this area if it is something you have trouble with. For me I go out to eat by myself all the time lol so this wasn't a big issue with me. What really took me out of my comfort zone was interacting with strangers and approaching them. I am a very friendly person, but sometimes its hard for me to make the first move. Well doing a solo trip will definitely get you out of that lol. But hey it's a great things and will not only stretch you. Soo yayyy to that lol

Relax enjoy

Solo trips are there to be a refresher for you! It is something that you do to recharge and to refocus. This is the time where you get to learn so much about yourself take advantage of it. Whatever your mental self care is do it! I know during my time I really focused on being in the moment. And for me being in the moment included in me relaxing, reflecting, praying and journaling.

Now to some fun extras that I think you would find helpful!


WHAT I DID: *all names are clickable ;)*

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As always stay beautiful inside and out! xox


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