2020 has brought on a lot of new changes and one of those changes is the requirement to wear masks. If you have noticed that your breakouts have gotten worse over the past few months.. your mask may be the culprit. And those breakouts are not your regular acne breakouts, it's maskne.

Like many, I adopted many new things during quarantine to keep myself together. One of those things consisted of me really taking my skincare seriously. Skincare was more than just washing my face etc., it really became an important form of self care for me. Well, as time went on I begin to notice that my face was starting to breakout more than usual, specifically in areas such as my cheeks, chin and jaw line. This was kinda alarming for me because I do get breakouts, but they are on occasion. For a second I contributed these breakouts to my indulgence in quarantine snacks (that could be it too lol), but I really believe that the culprit was my mask! *cues dramatic music* Let me just put this disclaimer out there, I am a full supporter of masks. By writing this post, in no way shape or form am I against masks. :) As time went on I began to see that I wasn't the only one suffering from maskne, and if you are reading this post, you may be finding yourself in a similar boat. So what exactly is maskne and how do you prevent/treat it?

**Disclaimer #2 I am not a certified dermatologist or aesthetician. These are things that I have learned and used to treat/ prevent maskne. If you experience severe breakouts of any kind, I would advise speaking with your dermatologist to establish a regime tailored to you. :)


  • Maskne is a type of breakout that is caused by friction to the skin mixed with other elements such as dirt, sweat oil, and ecoflora from the mouth. Eww I know, but it's best we know so we can do we have to do.

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Wash your face before and after you apply your mask

  • Keeping your skin clean is the number one tip to prevent maskne. Since maskne is caused by friction and other things such as oil, dirt, sweat etc., it is essential that we cleanse the skin of these impurities. I would opt for cleansers that are moisturizing. After cleansing the skin definitely follow up with a moisturizer.

Incorporate soothing masks into your skincare routine. For example clay or sheet masks (check out some of my favs below)

  • Oh how I love masks and I mean the clay or sheet ones. Remember when I talked about getting intentional about my skincare during quarantine well this is where I fell in love with masks. Clay and sheet masks aren't the only ones either, there are plenty of options. Make sure whatever mask you choose, it has calming and moisturizing properties.

My Favorite Masks to use:

CLAY MASK Blue Sea Kale Grapefruit Deep Pore Exfoliating Face Mask  Blue Sea Kale Grapefruit Deep Pore Exfoliating Face Mask


BOTANICS All Bright Brightening Sheet Mask

BOTANICS All Bright Brightening Sheet Mask

Wash your cloth masks with fragrance free detergent

  • Our faces are super sensitive and adding fragrance to it can irritate already present breakouts or cause more to develop.

  • Note fabric masks tend to carry more bacteria, so washing your masks frequently will aid in preventing bacteria that contributes to maskne.

Change disposable masks frequently

  • Have you ever looked at your masks and it looked disgusting with makeup etc on it? well this is the reason why you should throw disposable masks away after use.

Wear less or no makeup

  • Our faces are already going through enough lol so adding another element such as makeup can make things worse. If you are able to, go for the natural no makeup look. But if you are unable to, try your best to use less products.

Remember you are beautiful with and without makeup!

If you are experiencing maskne know that you are not in this battle alone! We will get through this time together! If you've experienced maskne, what are some tips you use or will use from above? Let me know down in the comments on this post or on my IG reel here. Continue to glo & gro!

As always stay beautiful inside & out!

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