Letting go...

In your walk with the Lord, I feel like you go through different levels as you mature in your relationship with Him.One of those major and most important levels is surrendering.


cease resistance; abandon oneself entirely to

the battle

Surrendering isn't one of those things that we immediately want to do. As humans I think we all have a level of “control freak” in us. Because lets be real surrendering isn't natural. Our flesh is in constant battle with what we want and what God wants. (Galatians 5:17) When we were younger if you surrendered in a game with your friends, you were the loser. Or people who are told to surrender are usually those who are weaker than their opponent. And no one wants to be seen as "weak." Putting yourself in the hands of someone else can be difficult, because one-you aren't sure of the outcome and two-you are not in control. Succumbing to their power can put you in a uneasy position.

To fully live the life that God has destined for you to live

you must be willing to surrender

your will for his will.

We are told in scripture that we will find our lives when we lose it for the sake of Jesus instead of trying to hold on to it. (Matthew 16:25 ;John 12:25 ) Wheew..let that really marinate for a minute. Jesus is laying it out plain and simple. Even though he does this our logic and flesh makes it so easy to place worldly views on the ways of God. We are told to surrender, but dismiss it because we see it as "too controlling" or "weak", but it is far from that. It is empowering. When we cease resisting the plan of the Lord, we see that his way really is the best way. We see that his ways truly are higher than ours. (Isaiah 55:9)

personal experience

I'm pretty sure you had dreams as a child about your future and how you wanted your life to be as an adult. Those childhood dreams then turned into adult plans and expectations. But what if your plans and expectations are totally different from what the Lord wants you to do? Instead of just disowning us for our lack of trust in him, he uses moments like this to show us that He is indeed faithful to us. That he can be trusted when maybe all we've ever known was uncertainty.

In this past season I’ve seen where I’ve had to surrender my plans for God’s. I was in a time of my life where I had to make a huge decision. One that would ultimately change my entire life and quite frankly it really scared me. Making a change like this would push me outside of my comfort zone and really require me to depend on God whole-heartedly. Since this was such a big deal I knew I had to go to God with this, because unlike him I didn't know what was up ahead. I knew I had to seek God's face and go before the Father and really get his input on this. After some time I was given the confirmation that I needed even though it was something I already knew. It's funny how we try to question things that we know God has already told us.

Honestly I'm sure this won't be last time where I have to surrender my plans for God's plan. I just pray that as each time goes, surrendering will become easier.

Smile, I got this.


the joy of surrender

Well after I got that confirmation, I was at peace surprisingly. My perception of the situation began to shift as I knew that I was in the will of God. That is the beauty of surrendering. In a world where peace is so desired but rarely seen, it is a valuable treasure when you get it. Fortunately as a child of God you have access to the Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6) He promises to give you His peace that transcends all understanding. A peace that this world could never supply. (John 14:27)

I will be honest there are days where I have to constantly tell the Lord that "I trust him" and "I surrender", because my mind will try to go against what I already know. That is why we must continue to renew our minds, because it will often lead you in a direction you don't need to go.Surrendering isn't always easy, but the Lord is well aware of that. He is the one that created us so he knows that we would struggle in this area. But he is so amazing that he has given us the grace to be able to do this with his help of course. Join me as we make an intentional effort to surrender everything with complete abandonment to the Lord.

As always stay beautiful inside & out!


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