When everyone else walks out

Forsake /fərˈsāk/ verb:

To abandon (someone or something), renounce or give up (something valued or pleasant).

I think everyone can think back to that moment when the person you thought would never leave you left. It’s not a good feeling and it can leave scars that result in your trust being damaged and insecurities forming. You feel confused and betrayed and your mind begins to race because you are trying to figure out why? Thoughts like “was I good enough?” start to emerge, but those types of thoughts go against how God sees you. Does it mean that every person who leaves you is bad? No. we have to thank God for those closed doors, and extend that forgiveness and grace like we are so freely given. Just like you and me that person is human and they are not perfect, only Jesus is.We often look to people to fill this position, but we can’t look to someone to uphold a position only God was meant to have.

God says in His word that He will never leave us nor forsake us. No matter what we do He is always there watching over us. He is not like man that He should lie, so that truth right there should want us to trust Him! I don’t know about you, but hearing the words" I’m not leaving or I'm not going nowhere" from someone you love creates a sense of security. As humans we crave the feeling knowing that someone will always be there no matter what, through the good and the bad and the ups and downs. God does that with no conditions. His love isn't based on how good your track record is. When you give your life to Him, He doesn't see your faults He sees His son Jesus.

It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

Deuteronomy 31:8

God not only goes with you where no one else will, He goes before you preparing a way for you! He's there with you through the every season of your life whether you are in the trenches or in the palace.I personally have been there and now when I look back, I see where God had His hand on me, protecting me from myself and those thoughts that went against how He saw me.

When all else fails because we tried to do things through our own power and we don’t know who to turn to He is right there waiting on you to depend on Him. God was there was even when you didn’t know He existed before you were formed in your mother’s womb Jeremiah 1:5. Isn’t it a powerful thought to know that?!

When we look at the second definition of forsaken, it means to give up something of value. If we identify ourselves as children of God, we know He considers us treasured possession. (Deuteronomy 7:6 and 14:2). If we are his treasured possession, we hold value in His eyes so we can trust that He won’t leave us. When we have something of value we don’t want to let it out of our sight and that is how God is. I want you to realize that you are considered valuable to God. In one of my prayer meetings I heard someone give the perfect explanation of the scripture Ephesians 1:4. She said that God chose us before the foundation of the Earth, and that when you choose things its usually things that you want and it means something to you. That really just opened my eyes to how much God cares for us. That even when we were in our mess, He chose us to be his children John 15:16. When He looks at you as His daughter, He looks at you as His precious princess. When you are apart of God's royal family you are protected and only get the best because God gives His best to His children. He has invested so much into us by giving us His Son Jesus, and He's committed to you wholeheartedly. He is forever present and you can depend on Him. That truth can be so hard to fit into our finite minds, but we can’t confine an infinite God.

God has put so much power over your life and He will never leave you or abandon you without wanting to see His plans come to life.

I'm growing in my journey, learning and burying the Truths of God's Word in my heart, and I want you to join me. As His children these are His personal vows to us. Meditate on this truth that God will never leave or forsake you with me. I pray that this blessed you in some sort of way!

As always stay beautiful inside and out! xox


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