Prayer is MAJOR 🔑+ Priscilla Shirer is coming to Charleston!

Prayer is one of those things that until we know what it really is we can over complicate it. For a long time I struggled with prayer because I didn't see the beauty of it. Now I talk to God all day, because I know when I speak, He is right there listening giving me His FULL attention. So continue reading to see why praying is major key in your relationship with God, and about an amazing event you don't want to miss coming to Charleston, SC!

Can't have relationship w/o COMMUNICATION!


God is a relational type of god, so with any relationship it is built on communication. Maybe in the past you prayed for something and it never came to pass, and it made you look at prayer differently. You might have created this thought that God doesn't listen to you or that your prayers were just going on deaf ears. Well that thought even though I get it, it is far from the truth. God wants us to talk to Him. Until I came to the revelation of what prayer really is, I thought that my prayers were just merely words and that I was just talking to the walls 😩 LIES LIES LIES! The way that He cares for us is so great, we can't believe those lies when the enemy tries to feed them to us. Just like you talk to your loved ones or close friends, talking with God isn't any different. It's actually better, because you are talking to the One who knows EVERYTHING! I also want to put it out there that,everyone has a different e so your way of talking with God may not be like mine and that is ok! Don't get caught up on praying like so and so. Make your relationship with God special and unique, because at the end of the day, He didn't create us to be like someone else. I know some people who are quiet and have soft prayers and I know some people who are very vocal and loud. Whatever your style is just know that one is not better than the other or is chosen over the next by God. He is more than able to hear even the quietest whisper. When you pray know that your words have power and that they are being heard. Come to God boldly with your requests [Hebrews 4:16] like He is standing right in front of you. Trust me,He wants to hear about your worries and concerns, as well as be there for those exciting moments in your life. Nothing is off limits.

"If God already knows, why do I have to pray about it?!"


I know sometimes we often think "if God knows already, why do I have to tell Him?" Well even though He knows everything about us [Psalm 139] , He wants you to express them to Him. Being real is essential. We have to be real with our situations with God; because He wants us to get used to talking to Him and invite Him in our life. It develops that intimacy that He wants to have with each and every one of us. Prayer is like a direct line to God, and when we see it like that we approach it differently. Now I know that when I bring things to Him in prayer, I am getting closer to Him by doing so. Because when we draw near to Him in prayer, He will draw near to us. [James 4:8] I am building my trust with Him by putting things in His hands. I am strengthening my faith in Him, because when He answers prayers only He knows about, I know it was ONLY Him! I remember in one of Priscilla Shirer's teachings she said that "instead of us worrying we should use it as an invitation to pray." Whew! That right there definitely touched me in a way that made me look at prayer in an even bigger way. Because when I feel myself about to worry, I know I can redirect my mind to God who was already aware of it. I am putting things on Him who is more than able to handle anything I give to Him. That is why in Philippians 4:6, it tells us not to worry about anything,but to bring everything to God in prayer. And it is so reassuring to know that He is right there waiting on us to bring it to Him and replace it with His peace. [Philippians 4:7] Have I 100% mastered this? uhhh no😂. But, I have seen tremendous improvements in my way of thinking when I do. Like most things it takes time and practice, so don't be discouraged if you don't get it all the time! #itisaprocessgirl 😊

*Btw, if you struggle sometimes with anxiety, check out my post on how to be an anxiety slayer here.



Also one thing that I think we forget about is the fact that God is everywhere {Proverbs 15:3} and He is always available to talk to. Unlike our closest confidants, He is able to be with us wherever we are. God is not limited by place or time like we are. He is available 24/7- 365! So if you are having a tough day at work, He is right there and you can talk to Him about it. When I am in my office I have dialogues with Him and I can tell the difference when I don't. When I am in my car we talk there too. So, don't think you have to wait until we get home to bring it to Him. He is ready to hear about it right then and there in that moment. Don't get me wrong having a specific place where you meet with God is so important and essential. There is so much power when you are able to be secluded and just sit at the feet of the Lord.Even Jesus found it important to get away to speak with the Lord in the secret place. What I want to convey is that God is always there to talk with you. He wants to develop that intimacy with you, and that will ultimately strengthen your relationship with Him.

SIMPLE ways to improve your Prayer life


  1. When you don't know what to pray, find a scripture that relates to your situation. Pray the word back to God.

  2. Try to establish a routine: Set a time of day set aside for just you and God. Be flexible try different times. If mornings don't work maybe do your lunch hour or evening/night.

  3. Have a prayer journal. Sometimes speaking what you want to say is hard, so don't be hesitant to write it down. I do this and love when I can go back and read the things God moved on my behalf. Trust me it is a definite faith booster!

  4. Talk to God throughout the day. Just like I stated earlier, He is everywhere.

  5. Remember that prayer is a dialogue not a monologue. Sit quiet and allow God to speak to you. When we do it's often in those moments you really need to hear His voice.

  6. Create a prayer list. I know sometimes it can be hard to remember all the things you want to bring to God, so writing it down will allow you to make sure you get everything to Him.

Priscilla Shirer LIVE Event in Charleston,SC!!


One of the people that I truly admire in regards to prayer is Priscilla Shirer! If you are not familiar with her, you may have seen her in the amazing movie War Room. Well she is definitely much more than what you see on the screen, she is trailblazing prayer warrior and teacher of God's word. Priscilla proudly advocates the importance and power of prayer.One of the things that I love about Priscilla is her realness and the fact that she is so humble. She is definitely is one who embodies inner and outer beauty.

Well this amazing trailblazer is coming to Charleston!!! Ahhhhh 😁 Some amazing women in the Charleston area are partnering with LifeWay to make this happen, and what type of friend would I be if I didn't let you know?! Even for this event there has been a lot of prayer put into it to ensure that transformation comes to all of the women in attendance! How amazing is that?! When an event has built its foundation on something so essential like prayer, you can expect it to be powerful! This truly isn't an event for people just to come see Priscilla & her brother Gospel Recording Artist Anthony Evans, its for them to encounter God. Priscilla is just a willing vessel that has taken her position to spread the love and teachings of God.

This event is for you if you want to:

  • Learn to study God's Word for yourself with practical, biblical teaching from a Bible teacher you can trust

  • Seek the Lord through whole-hearted prayer

  • Worship with Anthony Evans

  • Find spiritual refreshment alongside thousands of women from all walks of life

  • Gain the direction you need to step into God's plan for your life​

I truly believe that it will be an awesome time to come and meet God in a fresh new way. The event is July 20th-21st., so mark your calendars! Click here for more info on attending and ticket info!

Also if you have not read any of her books, definitely check them out. The last book that I read from her was called "Fervent: A Woman's Battle Plan to Serious, Specific, and Strategic Prayer" was so amazing! If you are wanting to go deeper with your prayers, I definitely recommend this book.

As always stay beautiful inside & out!


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