The little t'ings

If you think that the Lord only cares about the "big" things in your life, this post is for you.

Often times we find ourselves wondering what are things should we talk to God about. Should it just be the big things like life changing decisions we have to make or can we include those little things like what we should wear for that day?

For a long time I had this mindset of just bringing the big things to God was the right thing to do, so I get it. When you think that God only wants to be "bothered" with only the BIG things in your life, there is some misunderstanding of the nature of God. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I can be vulnerable and open to God about anything, even those things that I think are too "little" to go to him with. Who am I to think that I can handle my life without the help of God, crazy right?! I thought like this because in my mind I should only be bringing the huge matters to God because I thought that he was too busy to hear about my hectic day. When we try to put God in a box we forget that God is an all knowing god. Instead of looking at his sovereignty, I was putting him in the category of a mere human. I seen him as a limited God instead of a limitless God who not only can do the impossible, but can do the impossible for me. Why? Because He loves me. He is all knowing, who desires relationship. And with any relationship it requires communication.

He loves to hear your voice

Did you know that God loves to hear our voice? He moves at the sound of your voice! It's amazing how he just loves to be around us and to talk with us. We were created to be in relationship with God. You may think that he doesn't want to hear about that "thing", but that is far from the truth. People may have made you feel that way about yourself, but God doesn't think like that. Granted God does want you to exercise faith and not just talk on and on and not let him be the Lord in your life. Please don't confuse what I am trying to say here. There will be times where you need to be still and quiet before him, but that is another post for another time.

His mind is constantly on you

While God controls everything in the universe he is still mindful of us (Psalm 8:4). God is constantly thinking about you. In his word he says that his thoughts outnumber the grain of sand on the seashore (Psalm 139:17-18) He even is aware of the number of hairs on your head. (Luke 12:7 ; Matthew 10:30) That in itself shows how God is very detailed and intentional about everything, especially those things that concern you. Even the things that others may not care about, He wants us to talk to him about it. This is what creates intimacy and builds your relationship with him. Think about it, a child doesn't just go to their parents just for the big things, they go to their parent for everything. They do this because they trust that their parent CAN and WILL provide for them. God cares about the little things in your life, because he wants to be immersed in every area of your life. He longs to be included in our everyday decisions. From those "huge" things that may keep us up at night to those everyday decisions we may need a little guidance on. Just like how you tell a devoted friend everything, Jesus is no different.

I hope this post has opened your mind and demolished all preconceived notions that God only cares about the "BIG" things in our lives.

So start today and talk to God about the little or BIG t'ings, he's all ears.

Love always,


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