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2017 has been an amazing year for Purity Vanity & I'm excited for what it to come in 2018! I want to take this time again to thank you for your support in reading and sharing! It really is appreciated! *hugsssss* 💜

Be looking out for even more amazing content, giveaways and much more!

With the relaunch came a newer look and even better content! Check out the top 3 posts below again or read them for the first time! They are good because fellow readers ranked them the highest. Click on the images to go straight to that specific post!

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Lessons I've learned as a Single

This honestly was one of my most vulnerable posts to write. Being a single person can be difficult and to really take it for what it is can be even harder. To push past those thoughts that come when you get lonely, doesn't just come overnight. I've learned some great lessons during this journey. Hope it helped you realize some too!

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The little t'ings

This post really was my reality when I began to appreciate the big and little things I seen God do in my life. I think this year my most repeated phrase to God was " Ughh it's the little things you do for meeeeeee God!" ☺️❤️ lol because it really was in those little moments where I was literally in awe of God & His love for me.

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The Easiest DIY Body Scrub Ever

Who doesn't love an amazing & Easy DIY?! I love this recipe & obviously you guys did too! It's so easy to make and you can customize it to your skin's specific needs!.

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Hope you enjoyed what I've written thus far and I hope you are in expectation for even greater in the future, I know I am! Happy New Years!!

Until next time, always stay beautiful inside & out!


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